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From : bipul < b***@ >. Submitted on 2013/03/03 at 5:40 pm.

Question : Hi Sir, i have downloaded d whatsapp.sis file on my Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro but while installing its giving an error messenger dat. file format is not supported.

Answer : Hello Bipul, If your phone are on the list, there are still unclean traces of the application on your phone that`s why that same error will still happen again if you`re gonna re install any other versions of the whatsapp. Please look of your phone supported list for  Symbian.

You may try to install a file explorer app like X-plorer, or Fileman to be able to cleaned delete all the traces of save data on your device. You just have to go to the directory and search for all whatsapp files there and manually delete them. Then before again installing a new Whatsapp messenger application.

I think perhaps there could still be an active session on the application upon uninstalling it that`s why the error keeps on alerting you. Please to reboot the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro so that all open applications on the background may automatically shut down. Then restart the device and manually remove the app using .


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