Blackberry Curve Keypad is Not Responding

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Ask Subject: Need Help BB Curve keypad is not responding. From: Showchris <mo****@>

Answer : Here is the many solution. But Note that none of these phones responded to the other solutions: (Remove battery for 30 seconds, blow dust out of keyboard, preform soft reset, delete archived msgs, update OS, etc..)
Symptom set #1 – “Keyboard and side buttons not responding… only Track Ball scrolling (but not push selection) responding”

This seems to be somehow caused by a function of the Scroll Ball locking out or blocking the input signals from the other buttons.
1. Turn off your phone by removing the battery
2. While battery is out of phone remove Track Ball
a. First remove the silver disk around the Track ball. This pops out easily with your fingernails
b. The ball will now simply fall out if you turn over the phone. (tap it if need be)
c. **take note of the orientation of each of these pieces so that you can put them back in the correct way. If you lose track of the way they came out, they will only go in the correct way…. Just don’t force anything.
3. With the Track Ball out of the phone, put the battery back in and power up the phone.
4. Check to see if the keyboard is responding. If it is,
5. Put the track ball back in the phone with it still powered on.
6. Test keys and trackball, it should be working now.
Note: that it is unlikely that this is simply a result of the battery being removed for more then thirty seconds. I have only tested this on Curves that did not respond to repeated attempts at “the 30sec battery pull”. Each time this worked on the first try.
Symptom set #2 – “Blackberry responds to Keyboard keys producing the wrong letters and pressing Track Ball produces random characters”
This seems to be caused by the Blackberry reading the battery as partially charged when it is almost dead. I was able to prove this by testing the battery using another device. Although my phone believed the battery to have some charge the battery was actually almost completely dead.
The solution is simply to charge the phone. All but one of the times I have used this solution the BlackBerry actually started reading the battery as dead immediately after being plugged in.
Hope this helps… sorry for the long post.
Jay-D McLean
Edmonton, AB, Canada

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My blackberry curve keypad is not responding, I have wiped it more than 4 times but still is not working pls tell me what to do.

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