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Tutorial to Setting the Nokia E71/ Nokia E71x as Internet Modem

May 14th, 2013

Download here software to use Nokia E71/ Nokia E71x to connect internet by your PC or Laptop computer. Your device as internet modem for Pc Computer or Notebook Laptop. The step is quite simple and not complicated. Buddy combat equipment used to prepare the following:

1. NOKIA Mobile Unit One "do not need more" and make sure the phone NOKIA in the list.

2. Internet Mobile Quota has been filled with a full package or package Unlimited, because if you use a regular pulse, its could be collapse "Bankrupt".

3. Prepare a USB cable or Data cable, "could also use Bluetooth". Better still use a USB cable for faster connections.


Nokia PC Suite 3.7
Nokia PC Suite 7.1 for Lumia Series

If the equipment is complete we immediately do it :
1. Open Application NOKIA PC SUITE with a double click.
2. Connect the Nokia Mobile to PC or Laptop by using a USB cable / DATA cable.
3. If an Alert Popup Mark "PC SUITE" or "Connect PC to web" you can setting Mobile by going to Menu => Connectivity => USB mark one "PC SUITE" or "Connect the PC to the Internet".
4. Wait a few moments to read or sync Mobile to laptop/Pc
5.The synchronize is have been completed if there are pictures and types of nokia Nokia E71/ Nokia E71x , lower left side Nokia Pc Suite. And Mobile is ready for use and used as Modem.
6. The last step click on "Connect to the Internet" to connect the network, in order Laptop or PC connected to internet

Ask Topic : Samsung Galaxy Y duos PC Broadband Internet Connection

April 6th, 2013

Ask from : Mahabub < *** @ >. Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 6:17 am.

Question :

I want to download apps into my samsung galaxy y duos through using my pc broadband internet connection. pls help me on this regard.

Answer : Hi Mahabub, Thanks for your asking about Samsung galaxy y duos through using your pc broadband internet connection. So please find here  :
best regards

Ask Topic : Can’t Access Internet of Broadband to Samsung Galaxy Note

March 27th, 2013

Ask from :  ronak parmar < par**@ ** >  Submitted on 12 Feb 2013  .


i have e Samsung galaxy Note . i have reset it but after reset i cant access internet of broadband to my galaxy Note. Before reset i can connect is but after reset i cant connect.

So please suggest me solution.

Answer : Hello Ronak Parmar, Thank for visiting on my site . I have One more suggestion:

Please to check your APN settings (settings -> mobile networks -> access point names). If these settings have been removed you will not be able to use mobile data. I don’t know the carrier settings but a web search should turn them up, and they can probably be found on the carrier site somewhere.

Please go to settings ———> wireless and networks ———–> mobile networks ———–> click on packet data. now restart your fone and u will be able to connect to internet.