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Error in the Video Studio App (Moto XOOM2)

January 20th, 2013

Ask from : Ronny ***@* Ask Topic : How to solve error in the Video Studio of Moto XOOM 2

Hi Ronny, thanks for your visiting on my site. I think your Moto Zoom is special gadget for you to watching your favourite video. So now you find problem to watch some video. I think the codec stands for Compressor/decompressor. It is a Win component used to translate vid or audio between its uncompressed form and the compressed form in which it is stored. Motorola Phone Tools software  is dependent upon you having the required codecs installed on your computer. We recommend running all Windows and Windows Media Player/Center updates on your computer. Codec Installation Packs can also be found on Microsoft’s website at:

If you are still encountering issues you may want to independently acquire a codec pack to install on your computer or contact your computer vendor for further instruction.

Original Ask submitted on Sunday 01/12/2013

Hi there , I am getting an error in the Video Studio or Melody Studio that the Codec in this file is unsupported. What can I do?