Download SMS Blocker App for Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

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Ask from : Jim <***@ ymail .com>. Ask Topic : Need app to block incoming SMS Text

Answer : Hello Jim. Thanks for your asked. If you want to To blocking the Incoming & Outgoing SMS

  1. First you have to download SureLock application . You can download by surf on internet
  2. Activate that application by providing some information.
  3. After that please to Go to SureLock Admin Settings by entering you password.
  4. Tap on "SureLock Settings".
  5. Scroll down and enter "Phone Settings.
  6. Choose your preferred phone settings:

To get call Progress Screen: Configure whether to display call progress screen during an ongoing call > Block Incoming Call: Block all incoming phone calls .

Being able to control the phone functionalities provides additional security to make sure your device is being used only for the purpose it was commissioned for. To find out other lock down features of SureLock for Android search for help.

Question that submitted on 23 January 2013:

How do I block text messages on my samsung Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562? – I don t want my texts saved in contacts history on the samsung galaxy 


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