How to set Blackberry®Curve™8310 / Curve™8320 as Internet Modem from PC

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Here is tutorial setting your Blackberry® Curve™8310 / Curve™8320  as internet modem. Software modems and sound cards do have a lot in common, because software modem is basically just a sound card which outputs sounds into telephone line. It is possible that your modem is connected to your sound card and that it uses card to generate signals. I think it’s the same way in my laptop, but I’m not 100% sure. Still, that does not tell us if the modem is voice or not. It would be best if you could post the list of sound cards on your system. The driver of the models suitable for the use of BlackBerry users to download. Please download here :

Blackberry USB/Internet Modem Software. (Download Size:21 MB,English version)

If you have been download and installed on your PC you must setting on Windows XP and VISTA

  1. Select Start> Settings> Network Connections.
  2. Double-click the New Connection Wizard. New Connection Wizard will open.
  3. Click   ..Read More

You must set up your modem connection settings before you can use your Blackberry® Curve™8310 / Curve™8320 device as a modem.

  1. Connect your Curve™8310 / Curve™8320 device to your computer.
  2. Open the USB Modem BlackBerry® software or desktop software.
  3. Click IP Modem.
  4. Click …Read More.

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