How to Set Downloaded mp3 as My GT–I5503 Default Ringtone

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Topic : Set Downloaded Mp3 as  Default Ringtone

From : Daisy <da***@> Submitted on 2012/10/28 at 10:13 am

Question Detail :

Hi Sir, I’m Daisy from Atalanta, I want to ask you how to set this downloaded mp3 as my default ringtone. My Samsung galaxy GT – I5503 mobile  has option to set only the ringtones preloaded by Samsung. i cannot locate the option to set a downloaded file as my ringtone. please help and thanks fr ur answer

Answer :

Hello Daisy, thanks for your asked. This tutorial to set your mp3 as default ringtone :

1. Open My Files menu on your Samsung galaxy GT – I5503 phone

2. Create new folder on SD Card root and rename to " Ringtones "

3. Open Mp3 file and move to folder " Ringtones "

4. Check on the  GT – I5503 Phone ringtone Setting, your own Mp3 will appear.


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