How to Setting Micromax C115 as Internet Modem

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Ask from :  narender < ***@r >.Ask topics : Need C115 Driver for Surf internet.

Answer : hi Narender, please Follow the steps below to succesfuly install the modem in your C115  phone :

1. Install the driver of the Phone.

2. After installing the drivers, the modem name is reflected in Computer Managemet.

3. Then go to Micromax CDMA Dialer & set your operator name. Thereafter the default setting like User Name and Password is displayed

4. Go to Connect button, and connect it.

Make dull moments a thing of the past with the internet connection on the C115.  Challenge yourself and create an unbeatable high score. Keep all the fun and frolic going and explore an exciting life with the C115!

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sir, Please send me micromax C115 modem driver



  1. tanuj says:

    but when there is no reflection of modem name and the computer management show that “there is not any modem installed in ur system ” after installing the modem from cd

  2. karthik says:

    me to facing the same prblem. system shows – modem driver not installed in yur system… help me in this. c115 – micromax.

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