Nokia Calling voicemail & Home dialing

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Here is tutorial for Nokia Calling voicemail & Home dialing :

Calling voicemail
Number 1 is generally reserved for your voicemail. Press and hold this button on the Phone dialer keypad to call voicemail and retrieve your voicemail messages.
Making calls from received messages and calendar reminders
While you are viewing a text or email message, you can directly call the sender of the message if the sender is a stored contact on your phone. You can also call a phone number that is contained in the body of the message. For more information about calling from received text messages, see “Messages” in Chapter 3 and “Directly Making Calls from Text Messages” in Chapter 7. For more information about calling from received email, see “Mail” in Chapter 3 and “Directly making calls from email messages” in Chapter 7.
You can also directly make calls from meeting request email and calendar reminders. See “Making a Call from a Meeting Request or Reminder” in Chapter 8 for details

Home dialing
Home dialing is a feature which helps you easily dial a phone number in your home country while you are roaming internationally.
To make a call using home dialing
Your phone is able to recognize your home country information from your SIM card and can automatically prepend your country code to the phone number when you place calls to your home country while roaming.
1. Simply enter the local phone number in your country without the plus (+) sign and leading zero, and then tap Talk.
Notes • If you enter a leading zero, it will be removed automatically.
• If you enter a plus (+) sign before the phone number, your phone will just dial normally using plus code dialing

2. The Home Dialing screen then opens and displays the phone number already prepended with your home country code.
Tap Yes, use number above to dial the displayed number.
To change the prepended code to another country, tap the country selection box and choose the country that you want. The displayed number now changes with the code of your selected country prepended. Tap Yes, use number above to dial the displayed number.
To turn off home dialing
If you prefer to use direct dialing (that is, manually entering and dialing complete numbers) and not home dialing, you can turn the home dialing feature off.
1. Press the HOME button to return to the Home screen.
2. On the Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then tap Menu > All Settings.
3 . Tap Personal > Phone.
4 . At the bottom of the screen, scroll to the right until you see the Advanced tab.
5 . Tap the Advanced tab and then clear this check box: Add home country prefix to phone numbers when roaming internationally.
6 . Tap OK.


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