Notifications and Start Screen on Nokia Device

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Here is Notifications and  Start Screen on Nokia Device :


When you tap any of the status icons in the title bar, the Notifications screen opens and displays the remaining battery status, call duration of an ongoing phone call, as well as network connection status, such as Wi-Fi (if your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network), data connection usage (if your data connection is on), and other types of connections. This screen also shows all your pending notifications including missed calls, new SMS/MMS messages, and more. Tap a status icon or item on the Notifications screen to open the related screen.
To close the Notifications screen, tap Close or press the BACK button on your phone.

Start Screen
The Start screen gives you one-touch access to the programs and settings of your phone. To open the Start screen, tap Start ( ) at the top left corner of the screen, or press the START button ( ).
On the Start screen:
Swipe your finger up or down to scroll through the screen.
Tap the Today icon to return to the Home screen. See “Home” in Chapter 3 for details.
Tap an icon to open the corresponding program or open a folder containing more programs.
Tap the Settings icon to access the settings of your phone.
Tap Lock at the bottom-left corner of the Start screen to lock your phone. See “Lock Screen” for details.
Press the START button

Moving an icon to the top of the Start screen
You can move often used icons to the top of the Start screen for easy access.
1. Press and hold the icon that you want to move.
2. Tap Move to Top.
The icon is moved to the top of the Start screen.
To return an icon to its original location, press and hold the icon and then tap Move Down.


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