Phone Calls

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Phone Calls Making Calls
To make a call, you can either dial a number or select a contact you want to call. While viewing a message that you received, you can also directly call the sender of the message if the sender’s phone number is stored in your contacts.
Before you begin making calls, add contacts to your phone by creating new contacts or synchronizing contacts to your phone. For more information about adding contacts, see “Adding Contacts to Your Phone” in Chapter 4.
Note Most SIM cards are preset with a PIN (personal identification number) that is provided by your mobile operator. When prompted, enter the preset PIN and then tap Enter. If you enter the wrong PIN three times, the SIM card is blocked. If this happens, you can unblock it with the PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) obtained from your mobile operator.
Making a call from the Phone dialer screen
The Phone dialer’s Smart Dial feature makes it quick and easy for you to place a call. Simply enter the phone number or first few letters of the person you want to call. Smart Dial automatically searches and filters your contacts list (stored on your phone and SIM card) and the phone numbers from the Call History. From the filtered list, select the number or contact you want to call.

To open the Phone dialer screen, press the TALK/SEND button on your phone.
2. Begin entering the first few numbers or letters by tapping the keys on the Phone keypad. As you enter numbers or letters, the Phone dialer screen displays matches found.
If you tap a wrong number or character, tap to erase each subsequent digit or character. To erase the entire entry, press and hold .
3. Tap to close the keypad and to see if there are more matching numbers or contacts found. To browse through the filtered list, flick through the list or slide your finger up or down the list slowly.

4 . To call a number or contact, do one of the following:
Tap the desired phone number or contact from the list.
To call a different phone number associated with the contact, tap the contact card icon on the right side of the contact name. On the contact summary screen, tap the number you want to call.

• During a call, use the VOLUME UP/DOWN button on the side of your phone to adjust the phone volume.
• To save a phone number to your contacts, tap the Call History button ( ) that appears on the right side of the phone number, and then tap Menu > Save to People.
Calling voicemail
Number 1 is generally reserved for your voicemail. Press and hold this button on the Phone dialer keypad to call voicemail and retrieve your voicemail messages.


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