Set mail on Nokia Phone

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Here is tutorial to  Set up your email accounts on the Mail tab so you can easily check your email and send email messages. After selecting an email account, you can flip and browse through received email by swiping your finger up or down the screen.
Adding your Internet email account
On the Mail tab, easily add POP3 or IMAP email accounts from popular Web-based email providers such as Yahoo!® Mail Plus and AOL® or other email providers.
1. On the Home screen, slide to the Mail tab.
2. If this is your first time to set up an email account, tap the big email image at the center of the screen or tap Add Account at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, tap Menu > Add Account.
3 . On the subsequent screen, select an email provider. If your email provider is not listed, tap Other.
4 . Enter your email address and password, and then tap Next.
5 . Enter your name and the account display name, and then tap Next. If the type of email account you want to set up is not in the phone database, the subsequent screens will prompt you to enter more details, such as the incoming and outgoing email server settings. Obtain these settings from your email provider.
6 . If you want your phone to automatically send your email messages and download received email at a set interval, select the Send/Receive E-mail automatically check box and then choose the desired time interval.
7 . Tap Done.


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