Sony’s My Xperia Phone-Finding Service Hits Worldwide Coverage

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By Wayne John Bond

Expert Author Wayne John Bond

The concept of my Xperia is basically similar to Apple’s "find my iPhone" app for Android. If you are always misplacing your Smartphone, then fear not because Sony has brought you my Xperia, designed to hunt down any lost handsets.

The Purpose of My Xperia

The purpose of my Xperia is to act as a locating app for your tablet or phone. Moreover, it also helps in protecting your personal information. It allows you to distantly find and wipe and lock the device – if the handset has fallen into the wrong hands.

How to Operate the Service?

Of course, you first need Sony’s Xperia tablets or Smartphones for this to work. Reaping benefits of the services are pretty basic and simple; the first thing you need to do is to sign up using your Google ID on After signing up you will have an access to several remote features, like phone’s location on a map, phone locking and its data, message sending to the phone, makes sounds on the phone to alert nearby people, or the last and only remaining option, delete both the internal and external SD data.

Safety Should Come First

The service is offered at zero cost, but you’ll need to delve into the settings on your device to install the app using this process: Settings > About phone > Software update > New apps > My Xperia. If you misplace your treasured phone or tablet, all you need to do is to go to my Xperia website, login with your Google account and use the device.

This service is pretty basic, yet a necessity for everybody. It takes the stress out of losing your Smartphone. We hope that all phone manufacturers will realize the importance of implementing the same feature, or my Xperia would extend their service to other phone manufacturers. It is without a doubt, that users from other phone manufacturers would definitely love the service.

If you lose your phone, fear not because my Xperia is the option to use for tracking and relocating. You can make sound alerts through overriding the sound settings on your tablet or phone. The accessibility of the device worldwide will take a few weeks. So, if you have not seen the device just yet, just wait for your turn, because it will not be too soon.

We are all concerned with safety and identity theft, this could be the solution and well worth the time you spend researching it.

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