Tutorial Plan Gprs settings in lg-e400?

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Asked : I am trying to add GPRS facility in my mobile. please explain how to add my network.  I am trying to add GPRS facility in my mobile. please explain how to add my network. 

Answer : Hi get new model gprs in lg e400. GPRS Setting for phone can be requested thru your network provider. All you need to do is call up their hotline and ask for the appropriate GPRS setting for your phone, you have to provide them your cell phone unit and model. thats it, expect your setting to arrive as SMS message thru your phone. For accessing the BSNLLive services you need to have APN settings for BSNL Live and BSNL Stream. You can get these settings on your mobile in one of the following ways. All the settings required to access `BSNL Live` & avail different services on `BSNL Live` are pushed to your handset by BSNL. You can ask for the settings by sending space of your handset to 58355 by SMS e.g. space to 58355. After you send the SMS you will in response get several settings on your handset viz. `bsnllive`, `bsnlstream` etc. You can configure the "bsnllive" & "bsnlstream" setting through the BSNL website. # You can send the settings yourself to your phone by following below steps:-

(1) Click below zone as per your mobile number`s area: – WEST ZONE – NORTH ZONE – EAST ZONE – SOUTH ZONE

(2) You will get a Login – Phone Number page. Enter your mobile phone number and login. Log-in using your mobile number as 91xx (replace xxxx.. with your 10 digit number) and click login. (3) You will get a One-Time-Password. Just click Login.

(4) Go to device management tab.

(5) Select your phone vendor and your Phone Model.

(6) Select profiles "BSNLLIVE" & "BSNLSTREAM".

(7) Click the "configure my phone" Button.

(8) Then, You will receive 2 setting of "bsnllive" and "bsnlstream" in your phone. Just save and install the settings.

(9) Go to http://bsnllive.in from your mobile and browse BSNLLive. You can also manually configure the settings as mentioned in the table below. You can reach BSNL Customer care at Toll Free number- 1503. North ZoneEast ZoneWest ZoneSouth Zone Setting Type GPRS WAP (Settings Required for Accessing BSNLLive Portal) GPRS STREAM (Settings Required to Watch HelloTV, Movies and other Streaming content) Connection Name BSNLLIVE BSNLSTREAM Data Bearer GPRS GPRS Access Point Name (APN) bsnllive bsnlstream User Name Nil Nil Prompt Password No No Password Nil Nil Authentication Normal Normal Homepage http://bsnllive.in None Phone IP Address Automatic Automatic Name Server Automatic Automatic Proxy Serv. Address None Proxy Port Number 8080 None.


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