Automatically Connect when iSync starts up?

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Ask from : Jill, <g***@>. Ask Topic : How to sync devices automatically on Mac OS X.

Answer : Hi Jill, there are the solution : through AppleScript. You don’t do it in iSync directly but through AppleScript from whatever app you want. A very typical way is to trigger syncs from apps like Salling Clicker or BluePhone Elite as proximity scripts, or some also trigger the regular syncs from iCal.
If you want to sync at startup you can have that AppleScript run at startup (make it a login item).

SyncBar is a small utility that will activate iSync and synchronize your devices at a set interval, it also enables Bluetooth when needed so you can save power and increase security from bluetooth attacks

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Hi Sir, iSync works fine but can you set it up so it automatically syncs at start up, or some other interval?


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