iSync problem on Mac for Blackberry 9500

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Hi fredd, Macintosh does not make a USB Bluetooth adapter, but D-Link does make one explicitly supported by Apple, to which even Apple firmware updates can be applied: the DBT-120. This device requires no special software to operate, but the actual file transfer to a ‘device’ on your mobile handset—a miniSD card, for example—may require such software.
If you wanted to transfer your SMS messages from your mobile handset to your computer, then that would require special software on your Macintosh, like the Missing Sync for Blackberry. If you look at the information on that linked page, you will see that you can synchronize non-AAC protected music and video content, but you cannot do so without that specific piece of software installed. That’s what I meant by ‘software capable of handling the file transfer.’

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager syncs with Sync Services in the Mac operating system.  Begin with Mac OS X 10.4, much of iSync’s original syncing functionality has been moved into the Sync Services framework"  If you launch iSync and then check the preferences, just make sure the checkbox for "Enable syncing on this computer" is checked. If you have that checkbox checked, then BlackBerry Desktop Manager will be able to sync information between your BlackBerry and your Mac.

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Hi sir, I’m facing the same problem with 10.6.1. iSync did not do anything when my BlackBerry 9500 was connected via USB and I tried to ‘Sync Devices’. So then I enabled Bluetooth and it came back and said "This device is not supported by iSync’.  So I guess I can’t Sync my BlackBerry on a Mac after all.


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