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How to Setting GPRS Phone to Computer.

December 8th, 2012

Setting GPRS PC to / computer.
Want setting gprs pc or computer; Sometimes we assume inconsequential a theory, possible easy to to comprehending it, but at execution mainstream not yet of course we can do it.
for example is the way of accessing internet use cellphone, That Facility possible in cellphone we have month even years but because us shy at to be able to use that facility, we do not disregard it.
So also when us asked about a science access internet use mobile or hand phone   as modem, theoretically is easy to, but what is correctness?
When difficulty possible some from we to be able to ask it to operator of GSM / cdma, but its answer of standard do not yield solution, ( forgiveness to operator owner of cellphone or is corresponding, this reality that happened".
To which have tried and feel difficulty, hopefully this article can assist you all. Writer have felt how is difficult of him get a this science, almost one week new writer earn that science, don’t know how much/many money which have been released for the shake of feeling satisfaction " can access internet of computer use cellphone as modem"

Condition its use .

  1. Your Cellphone  must have facility of GPRS.
  2. Your card have facility of GPRS, good activated by manual, pass operator and or online.
    way of manual 
  3. data cable. 
  4. Your PC installing the  cellphone driver

After all connected, you need computer setting / its You PC of him hereunder the setting PC .

  1. Click of Start-Control modem and panel-phone.
  2. Click of modem-add.
  3. Giving checklist at " Detect Don’t……….", click Next.
  4. Click of have disk, browse to CD / file of driver result of downloaded.
  5. Click at modem according to your phone, select;choose port according to your software installed
  6. Emerge type of modem its port and.
  7. Ten at panel control click connection network.
  8. Click of create connection-next new.
  9. Select;choose internet the to connect.
  10. Select setting manually-next connection my up.
  11. Select  modem-next dial-up a using connect.
  12. On ISP type according to card ( come from nor become problem )-next
  13. Phone number as according to tables of below/under.
  14. Next. then checklist at " shortcut a add
  15. Click finish and click twice to the shortcut which emerge screen and click Dial.

Tutorial GPRS Setting On Spice Mobile

November 4th, 2012

Ask : How to Setting GPRS On Spice Phone. From: Mitchaell  <m****@>. 
Answer : Hi Mitchaell Yuan, This is tutorial to set GPRS your Spice phone. here two step for this action, hardware setup and software setup.
A. Hardware Connection

  1. Make sure the handset is currently in Standby mode.
  2. Insert one end of the USB Data Cable into the handset’s system connector port, and the other end to your PC’s USB port.
  3. From the handset, choose COM Port and then click Ok. USB Config: Mass Storage COM Port Ok Back

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