Download Software to filtering unwanted SMS messages on Blackberry.

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Ask from : Naga < n***3@ gmail. com >. Ask Topic : Need Software  to blocking  unwanted SMS messages on Blackberry.

Answer : Hi Naga, nice to meet you. By the way to block unwanted SMS, I found a section in Options –> Security Options –> Firewall, and in that submenu there were many options including SMS and MMS. Checked the option "except messages from address book contacts"

but if need some software you can download from BB app World : SMS Blocked Software Free

Interesting, first time I’ve noticed this area in the options. You can block incoming messages of various types. Mine says:
* BlackBerry Internet Service
So it appears that you can block all messages of a certain type. No apparent way to block messages from a specific source.

Original Question submitted  on 24 January 2013:

Hi there . Can you give me any software i can download that will block unwanted SMS messages?


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