Tutorial How to Block Caller on Samsung Champ c3303K

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Ask Topic : How to block caller of Samsung champ c3303K. Ask from : Alina Malik. alina malik <a****@ mail.com>.

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hi i am using samsung champ c3303K i am having a problem here in my mobile i can block some cntacts and in that case all the msgs of that blocked contact come in spambox but now my all msgs are cumng in inbox nd spambox both plx tel me a solution

Answer : Hi Alina M, Thanks for your visiting, Below are the steps to block incoming calls on your Samsung cell phone. If your Samsung phone doesn’t have a "No Ring" option for contact ring tones, you can record a new silent sound. Simply go to a quiet area and record two to three seconds of silence. You can then use this as your ring tone.The Samsung Sync has the option to add up to 10 numbers to a "block list." They will automatically be sent to voice mail.

  1. To block the all incoming calls go to the Main menu on your Samsung phone and choose the Tools and Settings icon.Press the "Menu" button from the standby screen on your Samsung cell phone and go to "Settings."
  2. Select "Calls" from the list of options and go to "General" or "All Calls," depending on your Samsung model. Go to "Auto Reject" to see the available blocking options.
  3. Go to the "Reject list" and press the "Options" button. Select "Create" or "Add Number" and add the unwanted number to ensure future calls from that number will not disturb you. Repeat this step if you wish to add more numbers.
  4. If you have received a few phones calls from some people that you do not know or are not in your phone directory you can also place them on your restricted list.
  5. Save the number of the unknown caller/s and add a label or name to it.
  6. Locate the name that you have saved the phone number under from your directory and click the Edit button. Scroll down the list of options the will be presented to you and look for either Sounds or Tones and click the OK button.
  7. In the Sounds or Tones menu select the No Ring option and click OK. With this feature activated you will not hear your phone ring when the blocked caller gives you a call and instead it will be directed automatically to your voicemail.

If you are bothered by the incessant ring of your Samsung phone only to be greeted by a telemarketer, you can enroll your mobile number in the Do Not Call Registry if you live in the United States. This will alert the telemarketers that you are listed in the registry and you should not be contacted through the number that has been registered. You can also get assistance from your mobile service provider to have some phone numbers blocked. Some providers will charge you a monthly fee to enjoy the service.
The block list feature on a Samsung phone is a welcome additional to the list of other features that mobile phone owners wish for. Be sure to read the Samsung phone owner’s manual to learn how to navigate easily to the phone’s features.


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