How to Add a calendar note on Nokia Phone

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If you are user of Nokia C3 and want to set your Calendar please folow this instruction below:
Select Menu > Calendar.The current day is framed. If there are any notes set for the day, the day is in bold.
Add a calendar note

If you want to setting Add a calendar note,please to Go to a date, and select Options > Make a note.You also can do setting to View the details of a note please Go to the note, and select View.
Delete all notes from the calendar
Select Options > Delete notes > All notes.

How to Settings Your Profile
Waiting for a call, but can’t let your device ring? There are various settings groups called profiles, which you can customise with ringing tones for different events and environments.
Select Menu > Settings > Profiles.
Select the desired profile and from the following:
Activate — Activate the profile.
Personalise — Modify the profile settings.
Timed — Set the profile to be active untila certain time. When the time set for the
profile expires, the previous profile that was not timed becomes active.
You can modify the tone settings of the selected active profile.
Select Menu > Settings > Tones. You can find the same settings in the Profiles
To view or adjust the wallpaper, font size,or other features related to the device
display, select Menu > Settings > Display.
Date and time
Select Menu > Settings > Date and time.
Set the date and time
Select Date & time settings.
Set the date and time format
Select Date & time format.
Update the time automatically according to the current time zone
Select Auto-update of time (network service).

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