Modify and Setting LAN on NOKIA

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Modify internet connection settings Select Internet connection > Ask first or Do not ask. If you select Ask first, you are asked for the connection method every time you open an application that requires an internet connection, such as Browser or Mail. If you select Do not ask, the device connects to a saved WLAN, if available, when an application requires an internet connection.
Hidden WLANs do not broadcast their service set identifier (SSID). They are marked as (Hidden network) in the list of available WLANs. You can only connect to a hidden network if you know its SSID.
Connect to a hidden network
1 Select (Hidden network).
2 Enter the SSID of the network, and select OK.
When you save the hidden network, it is displayed in the list of available WLANs. Important: Always enable one of the available encryption methods to increase the security of your wireless
LAN connection. Using encryption reduces the risk of unauthorised access to your data.
Saved WLANs
Display, manage, connect to, and prioritise your saved wireless LANs (WLAN).
Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > WLAN and Saved WLANs.
The WLAN with the highest priority is listed first.
Manage your WLANs
Select Options and from the following:
Connect — Connect to the WLAN manually.
Remove from list — Remove the WLAN.
Organise priority — Change the priorities of saved WLANs.
Forward settings — Forward the settings of a saved WLAN. Enter the security code and phone number, and select Send.
Add new network — Add a new WLAN, and define the settings. Edit WLAN parameters
Scroll to a WLAN, and select Edit and from the following:
Connection method — Connect to an available WLAN automatically.
Network name — Enter a name for the WLAN.
Network settings — Define the WLAN settings.


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