Tricks to Overcome "Error Log in BlackBerry App World"

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Ask from : Sumanto < S**@ **.com>. Ask topic : Problem solving if cant log in on BB App World.
Gadget News – Tricks Troubleshooting Error Can not Log in BlackBerry App World
Answer : Hi Suman, thanks for your ask,  BlackBerry App World is very important for users of  BlackBerry users. With these applications, we as BlackBerry users can download and install your favorite applications,  . Here’s a trick to overcome the error can not log in BlackBerry App World. 

  1. The first solution> The Problems there may be a problem in synchronizing the time. Please to Set time on a BlackBerry smartphone with the current time. Setting the time for Indonesia = GMT + 7 (Bangkok Hanoi, Jakarta). After setting, restart your BlackBerry.
  2. The second solution> list back on HRT (Host Routing Table). The trick :: entry Option> Advanced Options> Host Routing Table> press the menu button> select Register Now. Then setting PERMIT Insecure RENEGOTIATIONS to Yes. Do I go to Options> Security Options> TLS. [how both selected as the first solution does not work]

Hopefully by doing this, you are able to log back in BlackBerry App World and not have to slam your smartphone. We wait for good news from you.

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Hi Sir, im sumanto from Indonesia, i want to ask you  why i cannot login on BlackBerry App World


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