“Your Device is Not Recognized” When Installing Whatsapp on Acer Tab A100

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Ask from : Zeeshan Amjad <ze**@ *mail.com> Topic : Need Whatsapp App on new acer Tab A100.

Answer : Hi too Zeeshan,how about your problem now, I’m sorry so late to respond your ask.

First Solution: Look your problem, may be you need to register with your phone number in status. Or try to reinstall app and register your phone number again.

Second solution It worked after  installed Secure settings, WhatsApp decided to “protect” your data. But because of some unknown reasons (called “commercial reasonable effort”) make a problem on the installing. So please check your security setting.

To  Create a new profile and add an event -> UI -> Notification (Owner Application is Whatsapp of course 

App -> Load App -> Whatsapp
Input -> Dpad -> Up
Input -> Dpad -> Press
Input -> Type -> *insert Text you wish*
Input -> Dpad -> Right
Input -> Dpad -> Press
Variable -> Variable Set -> Name: %Wamsgcount / TO: %Wamsgcount + 1 (Do
Maths enabled)
Alert -> Notify -> Name: "You missed %Wamsgcount Messages" / Text: "You
missed %Wamsgcount Messages"
Display -> System Lock

You must to know that all data transmitted by Whatsapp is not secured like the secure logins Paypal/  ATM/Credit card transaction you do on the Web. So this means they dont secure your data using strong algorithms.

Original Question Submitted on 24/10/12

Hello, my namae is zeeshan and i have just bought a new acer tab a100.
I have updated the software and its upto date, so i decide to download whatsapp. Ive installed the app, but when i open it and press "agree to terms and conditions" a message pops up saying that ur device is not recognised??? So could u please help me on this situation?


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