Want to Block Some Number from Calls and Sms on Samsung Wave 2 S8530

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Ask from : Robin < Ko***@ gmail. com>. Ask topic :  Call and SMS blocker for Samsung Wave 2 S8530 .

Answer : Yes you can , Robin, I’m also say thanks for your asked. Your phone Bada OS smartphone thank I think that the blocking feature is not available on your Samsung Wave 2 phone, either thru built-in features or from software/apps. You can, however, screen your unwanted calls/sms. Your screened calls will not ring on your phone.

Here is the step by step To do this:

From your phone go into Menu -> Settings -> Call Settings -> No. Screening -> Options -> Add to add the unwanted number. You can also retrieve the number to screen by going to: Menu -> Call Register -> Received Calls -> Options -> Add to screen. list.

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Hi There, Can I ask you something? I have Samsung Wave 2 S8530 i wanted to block one particular number from calls and sms? thanks

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