Connecting Problem of Spice M5445 PC Suite

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Ask From : Harish Tiwari < h****@gmail. com >. Topic : Solve Error Problem Spice M5445 PC Suite

Answer : Hi Harish, If you have any connection problems, please follow the instructions below:

USB connection:

  1. On your computer, turn off synchronization applications or antivirus applications temporarily.
  2. Make sure that you are using a compatible cable (we strongly recommend that you use a DCU-65 USB Cable).
  3. Check that the cable is properly connected to the PC and to the phone.
  4. Alternatively, try to use another USB port on the PC.
  5. Turn the phone off and then back on.
  6. Your USB drivers may need to be reinstalled: just uninstall and install the Spice PC Suite again.

Question Submitted on 2012/11/18 at 1:25 pm

Spice phone manager for M5445 downloaded but it does not recognise the phone when its connected to the computer and on device manager shows yellow exclamation looks like it needs some drivers can you help


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