Samsung C3312 GPRS to PC Via Bluetooth

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Ask From : malik < m**** @ >. Topic  : Connecting Samsung C3312 to PC trough Bluetooth .

Answer : Hi Malik , To transfer (via a Bluetooth adaptor) Photo/Video files, from the Samsung SGH-A887 (Solstice) phone, to a PC follow the steps below:

Setting on the Samsung Samsung C3312 to phone

From the standby screen, turn Bluetooth On, To enable or disable Bluetooth follow the steps below:

  1. From the standby screen, press Menu Then Press Settings
  2. After this Press Connectivity > Press Bluetooth > Press the Bluetooth icon below to enable or disable Bluetooth

Note: When enabled, the handset will show the Bluetooth icon  at the top of the display

Setting Turn Bluetooth Visibility On

To change the Bluetooth visibility setting follow the steps below:

  1. From the standby screen, press on Menu
  2. Press on Settings >Press on Connectivity > Press on Bluetooth  > Press on Visible
  3. Press on Yes to change the Bluetooth Visibility setting

Caution: When the Bluetooth Visibility is turned on, the handset is wirelessly transmitting its phone name and status to every Bluetooth device within range. This transmission can pose a security risk and incite unauthorized connection to the handset. Therefore, it is recommended that Bluetooth Visibility remain hidden until necessary. If the handset is not visible, you can still detect and connect to other Bluetooth devices, while still hiding yourself from others.

Setting Connect via Bluetooth to PC

  1. On your the PC Connect the Bluetooth adaptor to the PC’s USB port
  2. Search for Bluetooth devices
  3. Select the device: Samsung C3312  to pair with the PC
  4. Exchange PIN code(s) on both the PC & phone to pair devices (default pass code is “0000”)

How to connect the Samsung C3312 with the PC/Laptop for Internet :-

1. Enable the Bluetooth in the laptop and phone simultaneously.

2. If you find your connection a bit slow or facing problems in opening the page then you have another option to connect the mobile phone to laptop/PC with USB cable.

3. After pairing the devices you would need to click up the dial up network service and get connected to internet. The default dial up number is *99***1#.
This number works with certain GPRS services. If required put the correct ISP number and once the connection gets successful, you get the shortcut to desktop.

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sir can you please explain the complete method of connecting samsung c3312 to pc via bluetooth for gprs. because whenever i try to connect it to gprs it shows unable to connect or device is not supported.


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