Samsung as Internet Modem Use PC Studio Software

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Ask From : Brewster < B*****@yahoo. com >. Topic : Samsung PC studio software for internet connection from PC

Answer : Hi Brewster,  why you doesn’t use the pc suite software to use your Samsung  as internet modem, please download and install the PC Studio software. Instruction to download and install the Software :

  1. Please find download link below and click the software that you want to download.Save to your disk to get setup installation file.
  2. Open setup file to run the installation on your computer
  3. Connect your phone Samsung   to PC via cable data
  4. Restart your PC and your  Phone
  5. If successfully you can see your Samsung device on your pc to manage them

Download New PC Studio Samsung

Download PC Studio Ver. 3 Samsung

  • Then as soon as computer detects your   phone, you will get popup. Select PC studio and open.
  • In PC studio we need to activate Samsung NPS internet Connector for connecting to Internet. Activation step is given in following steps.
  • In PC studio select Widget settings.
  • In Widget settings, under Add/Delete Function widget, select add Internet connector.

Configuration of PC studio to Connect to Internet:

  • Please open Internet connector from widgets section.
  • In Internet connector select menu and then connection settings.
  • Enter your Connection  name, Select your country name, Network provider( You can select other if your network provider is not listed), APN name of your network provider, Phone number with your country code, User id which your network provide access to internet, Password and click on add.
  • Now click on Ok and close Internet connection settings.
  • To connect to internet click on connect and give yes to pop up menu. In few minute you will get connected to internet.

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Will Tmobile penalize me for using

I use it on my Iphone now, and palm phone. Do I have to purchase it again for the Samsung phone?



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    Please help me to connect s6102 to my PC for internet

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